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2018ひろしまフラワーフェスティバルの様子 / Attending the Hiroshima Flower Festival 2018

We visited to the Hiroshima Flower Festival 2018 in at 4th May.

The festival has been held annually on the Peace Boulevard in Hiroshima, since 1977. In the festival, there are the parades and many foods stall.

Also, there was the “TOWER OF FLOWER” which loaded by many flowers, as a symbol of the festival.

Every year the festival has a theme. The theme for 2018 was the “Sekai ye Todoke, Hana to Heiwa no Message” which means “Reach to the world the message about flower and peace.”

This year it was very global as street stalls from all over the world were lined up.

Since the Hiroshima Flower Festival is held every year at the same season, join the festival if you are interested.

Written by W.Ryota





毎年このお祭りにはテーマがあり、今年のテーマは「世界へとどけ 花と平和のメッセージ」でした。